Events: Cooking in the Elements

What a 180-degree turn-around (and 30-degree drop!) from last week’s blazing weather … these last few days have been challenging to all of us, but Bar None Barbecue always comes through.

On rainy days, we simply cook under our canopies to keep the food hot and safe from the elements, and then serve at an inside location for our clients. On windy days, we take down our canopies (and sometimes even our tabletop decor, depending on how windy it is) to make sure no items can become airborne. Our staff is well-versed in inclement weather, but they’re used to it in December and January, not May … thank you to Krissy, Sarah, Kevin, Nick, Heather, Mateo, and Mike for your extra hard work this week!

Here are some photos from events on Thursday … we couldn’t get any good ones on Friday due to the deluge, but one of our three events on Thursday was able to provide us with some nice pictures of our Western Roundup menu with both Brandon and Greg manning the grill: