Events: Picnics All Around!

Last weekend, we catered picnics in some locations that are very popular selections (like Hospitality Point on Mission Bay) and some areas that are not-so-familiar choices (like California Water Sports and Magee Park, both in Carlsbad).

At Hospitality Point (moving from this company’s chosen location of San Dieguito Park last year), this very active group had lots of options that we coordinated including a ginormous slide, a fun jump, volleyball sets, face painting, child games, and even a caricaturist … guests had lots of choices on how to enjoy their afternoon:

At Magee Park for our fourth year in a row with this company’s picnic, our special guests enjoyed client-coordinated options like a DJ and a fun bounce, along with our food:

At California Water Sports on the Carlsbad Lagoon, Bar None Barbecue provided only the great food and excellent service at one of our favorite locations in the entire county. We’ve worked here several times with this group and others … it’s a great place to enjoy a weekend afternoon with your coworkers and their families with lots of built-in fun!