Choosing a Caterer

Bar None Barbecue was excited to join San Diego CW6 News on Sunday morning. After our appearance in March, we were invited back this past Memorial Day weekend to discuss tips on choosing a corporate caterer with anchors Courtney Dwyer and Elex Michaelson.

During the segment, we explained that, when selecting a catering company for your special event, remember the following “CATER” acronym to determine that the caterer is:

Credible: Check out their BBB rating, any online reviews on sites like Yelp, and whether they have any lawsuits against them.

Attentive: Make sure that the caterer responds quickly to your initial inquiry and any additional questions you may have.

Thriving: Look at their Web site or blog to see when it was last updated to make sure they’re running a successful business.

Experienced: Investigate how long they’ve been in business, their areas of expertise, and whether they’re a full-time caterer vs. restaurant.

Responsible: Confirm that they don’t overbook and that they have proper insurances (liability, workers comp, etc.) and licensing.

Click this link to see the associated video. Additionally, here are some photos from the segment and, above all, thank you everyone at CW6 … it’s always a pleasure!