Celebrating Valentine’s Day with TLC

In honor of Valentine’s Day, our local public relations firm asked us how we show love to our customers. That was an easy question to answer; simply put, we believe in TLC.

Here’s what Greg Newman, our president, had to say on the subject:

“Bar None Barbecue’s catering philosophy is based on TLC … Think Like a Customer. Although we also show ‘tender loving care” to our clients after their events with handmade thank you cards and posting event photos on our blog, our main focus is empathizing with our customers and assuring them that their party is as big of a priority to us as it is to them. We also show our returning clients lots of love and loyalty by giving them our best pricing, not offering special discounts to ‘new customers only’. Our returning clients deserve the best pricing that we can offer them, and it’s important not to offend them with ‘first-time customer only’ discounts.

Due to using TLC in all its forms, Bar None Barbecue will be celebrating our 13th Anniversary in May … we couldn’t do it without our loyal customers!”