Fire and Rain (and Sun!)

Being a San Diego caterer like Bar None BBQ, it’s hard to know exactly what kind of weather you’ll get on a given event date. Fortunately, whether it’s rain or shine, we’re set up to accommodate whatever Mother Nature throws our way. On a gorgeous Friday afternoon near San Diego Bay, we served 150 guests in just 18 minutes in order to give everyone time to eat and socialize before heading back to work. On a rainy Saturday evening, we brought our canopy to protect our red oak fire from the elements and served 80 guests in their community clubhouse for a Western Hoedown! Here’s what our sunny Friday client had to say:

Thanks so much for the great food on Friday! I got a lot of great feedback from all the employees and I personally enjoyed it very much myself! I had more than enough to eat and it was delicious! And you were right – you guys did a great job getting everyone through very efficiently and quickly which was the biggest relief for me! Everyone loved the setup as well. Great job all around. I will be sure to keep you guys in mind when we plan our next BBQ.