From the Last Week of June …

We catered six events including serving over 340 guests in town for a convention who were being treated to a real beach party with bonfires, volleyball, and more. We also catered a post-wedding party, a company picnic, and three luncheons and received the following rave reviews:

“Everyone loved the food.  It was excellent and they talked about it all that night and the next day.  The Volley Ball Set was a hit.  I was surprised because I wasn’t sure if anyone would play.  The bon fire was great.  Only about 20 people stayed for that which is what I expected.  The Fire Guy was a great tip and thanks again for that.  Gino and his crew were awesome. Thanks for everything and it’s been a pleasure working with you, Gino, and the rest.  If you want to put us as a reference we’d be happy to.”

“Everyone had a lot of fun on Friday. I also received many compliments on the food so will you please pass that along to Gino and the crew. Thanks again!”