Since 1998, Bar None Barbecue has catered thousands of successful events and we know what is important to us and our customers, including:

  • Cooking entrees on-site on our chuckwagon over a red oak wood fire, not in an oven or over propane, charcoal, or pellets.
  • Preventing overbooking by limiting events to three per day.
  • Providing full portions of each entree listed on the menu, not one entree or the other.
  • Including complimentary veggie burgers for vegetarians as an alternative to our meat entrees.
  • Covering the cost of our on-site cooking, nicely-attired staff, and professional setup (including shaded buffet area and festively decorated serving tables) with our on-site setup charge.
  • Retaining our highly-trained staff with above industry-standard wages, so we don’t charge a mandatory gratuity.
  • Accepting credit card payment without any minimums or surcharges to cover the merchant fees.

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Our event minimum is 50 guests except all weddings and June-August Saturdays which have a 100-guest minimum. Higher minimums may apply for certain locations, dates, requirements, etc.