Bar None Barbecue has catered thousands of successful events since 1998 so we know what it takes to provide outstanding services to our customers, including:

  • Grilling entrées on-site on our chuckwagon over a live red oak wood fire – your guests will see their entrees being prepared at your location by our staff. No one wants their meats prepared in an oven several hours before your serve time, nor cooked on a propane or charcoal grill – demand wood!
  • Covering the cost of our chuckwagon, staff, buffet setup, and more with our on-site setup charge.
  • Rejecting mandatory gratuities as tips should never be required by your caterer!
  • Limiting each date’s bookings so that your event is our priority – don’t allow your event to be just one of a caterer’s ten events in a day.
  • Specializing in catering and all its nuances vs. being a restaurant where catering is only an afterthought.
  • Providing full portions so that guests can have every entrée listed on the menu, not just one.
  • Offering a vegetarian option for your guests who do not eat meat.
  • Accepting credit card payment without any surcharges to cover merchant fees.
  • Carrying proper workers compensation, liability, and auto insurances, as well as valid business licenses in over a dozen local cities in San Diego County.

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    Our event minimum is 75 guests but higher minimums may apply for certain locations, dates, etc.