About Trust

When we first joined the San Diego BBB in 2007, they sent us the usual membership stickers and plaques to display; however, one of their yearly membership renewal packages included this little rock:


This rock takes a prime spot in our offices because Bar None BBQ knows that TRUST is at the center of all strong relationships. When trust is at the foundation of everything you do, you understand that your word is your bond, that your reputation is everything, and that doing the right thing every time is a requirement, not an option. Without building and maintaining mutual trust with our customers over the past 18+ years, there would be no Bar None Barbecue. Our customers know that we don’t take shortcuts, rest on our laurels, or take anyone or anything for granted. We like to under-promise and over-deliver to every single customer and this is why we’re six months away from celebrating almost 19 years in business.

Ultimately, two negative experiences in November have turned into positives for us. We’re currently in the midst of our busiest November in our history and we think it’s because we’ve had the opportunity to show how much we care about our industry, our business, our current and future customers, and the people of San Diego. TRUST is a two-sided relationship!